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Quick order request 2: via your recent orders

Placing orders without filling in all the specifications all the time? There are currently two ways to place a quick order for a project. The second method is explained here.

In the short demo video, we take you through a second way to quickly send out an order request: through your recent orders. We've also written out the steps below for you.


If you go to the "Projects" tab, you can indicate the project for which you want to add an order.

You can select the project from the overview or map.

On the home screen of your project, you will see a view of your recent orders in the right sidebar in the "Overview" tab.


Once you press "+ Re-order," you will see that you must first select the delivery date and time, as well as the delivery address. You can also indicate if you want to place the order on demand.

The supplier you are placing this order with is the same as for the original order. If you would still like to change it, you can go through Previous back to the step where you choose the supplier.

In the next step, you will see that all the information from the previous order has been copied.

You can still any changes such as quantity, cadence (unloading speed) or delivery and unloading method.

Perform a last check and then click "Place Order."

The supplier receives an email of your order request and can accept it.

When the supplier accepts the order request, you in turn receive a notification via email and the order is officially planned.

You can always consult your order in the Betotrace platform. If necessary, you can modify the order reschedule or adjust the volume.

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