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Sharing an order

Sometimes it is useful to share order information with others, such as a subcontractor.
You can share orders with individuals inside and outside your organization and set what permissions those individuals have for that order.

In the short demo video, we take you through the steps to share an order with third parties. We've also written out the steps for you below.


To share an order, go to the order overview page.

You can do this by going to the orders for that project through the "Projects" tab, or directly through the "Orders" tab

On the right side you will find the button "Share Order".

Click this button to set-up with whom you want to share the order.

Next, enter the recipient's e-mail address.


Indicate if the recipient should only be able to see the order, or if they can also modify it.

You do this by keeping the selection set to "Read-only," or by selecting "Edit" permissions.

Click "Send" and the order is shared!

You can see that the button has now changed to "Manage Shared Order."

To change access / edit rights to the order, click on the "Manage shared order" button.

You can always adjust permissions here for each person and even remove the recipient completely from the list of people having access to the order.

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